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Newbie showing off her precious uglies

(these have been posted at unbeautifulsims and thesims2 livejournals, but I'll share them again, if I may).


This is a snap when he was first created, as a young adult at the Community College of Nocheat.  He's recently spawned a daughter.  That'll be in one of my future (soon) updates.

He has some issues with his teeth showning through his face:


I was pleasantly surprised by his ugliness, since he's the product of a rather bland looking male sim (Raphael Bendet) and aliens.  He has a twin brother:


It was nice to have a set of male alien twins.  Especially when one has 'normal eyes' and the other has the black alien eyes.  I need to play this house more, so this pair can age to children.

Zebulon is being held by his VERY ugly sister:


Here she his as a teen.  She's really a red head, but the super platinum blond girly look really accentuated her manishness.  She's in college now, and has had a make over (back to her red hair) which also flatters her ugliness.


Gruff is a body shop creation.  Part of my Ugly Seed Orphan program, where I deliberately make hideous toddlers and set them up in a house and have the social worker take them away.  (It works like this:  four or more toddlers are housed with one adult sim.  Then, by not interacting with the house, play the family to see who shows up first, the social worker or the grim reaper.)


She's the red head in the foreground.  The other sim is Astro Terwilliger.  Both are Ugly Seed Orphans in Pleasantview.  Astro seems quite smitten by Trollia.  I need to play Pleasantview more to see how they age up.


This is Marco getting in the limo after his room raiser of a wedding to Salvatore DeTreville.  Marco has an alien daughter:


Here she is as a child.  She's off at college now, and just as cute.  She proves that an 'extreme' sim bred to an alien can produce classically 'good looking' offspring.


Here she's holding toddler Moon Unit.  Gretel looks a lot like her mother:


Gretel was the product of mixing Marco Extreme and Willodean Extreme (brother and sister in the game) to make Gretel.  Gretel is now through college and just had her second child.  Her first son was with her Professor.  Her daughter was with her husband, Simian Primate (and boy-howdy, is that girl UGLY).


Those are the best and brightest of my ugly creations.  I prefer to make my sims 'subtley' ugly, as opposed to 'extreme' ugly (extreme being extreme features, ie huge eyes, etc).  The exception was the Extreme family.  I also have a family with pointed ears.  The father has regular ears and the mother, pointed.  It's fun to see how the genetics dishes out the pointed ears.  So far, the DeTreville's (that's the pointed ear family) have had 7 kids (one adopted--because he had pointed ears) and only one has round ears.  I can't wait to see what the newest baby, Isadora, gets.

Hope you enjoyed my ugly offerings.






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