Mish (mishiemoo) wrote in uglysims2,

Ahahah. I find it a bit weird that her teeth sit outside her mouth, especially seeing as how;

a) her father has very normal facial features, and
b) although her mother has abnormal facial features (and is... well, generally stuffed up), her teeth sit inside her mouth.

This is the magic of the Sims, hey?

Ooh, and for some reason, her teeth sit inside her mouth when the graphics settings are set to high. So, um, interesting!

Also, she's the daughter of the ET-lookalike, who I still haven't got a screencap of yet, hmm. She stopped looking like ET a bit when she grew into an adult though, aww.

And now for another oddity, although ugly Sims only contribute a small part to it...

This was, err, interesting! I couldn't talk to them or fire them or anything, and 4 of them were invisible for quite some time. I ended up just abandoning the house to get rid of them. XD

Hahah, anyway. More pics to come soon!
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