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Like sand through the hourglass....

..so are the Days of our Ugly Sims... lol

My first venture into creating facially challenged Sims was my Horrid family. Bloody and Aweful married and had 3 quick pregnancies. The Horrid family consists of...
Bloody Horrid - Father

Aweful Horrid - Mother

lilboi Horrid - oldest son

lilguy Horrid - 2nd son

Sassy Horrid - oldest daughter

After raising 3 children Bloody decided to go tom catting around the neighbourhood and he met a lovely lady named...
Crystal Beauty.. yes she aged rather quicker than Bloody wanted..LOL

Anyway, they had a daughter.. who is a complete handful.. and unfortunately going through the acne stage of puberty..LOL
Ruby Beauty - illegitimate daughter of Bloody

Meanwhile Aweful Horrid was sick of staying at home looking after kids all day and one day she met Daniel Pleasant.. she ended up moving out of her house and moving in with Daniel, who also left his family. Now.... when it came to woohoo Daniel just couldnt get it on with Aweful.. his heart just wasnt in it. So he and Aweful split up.

After Crystal turned into a grey haired old lady, Bloody started hanging around Awefuls place a bit, so one day she invited him in. Well the next time he turned up they fell into bed and tried for a baby..... and it was girl and boy twins!
Girltwin Horrid

Boytwin Horrid

Meanwhile...... back at the family home lilboi, lilguy and Sassy had been left to fend for themselves. But they are a very close bunch and together they managed to get themselves through school with fantastic grades, without any help from their parents! When lilboi turned into an adult he went looking for...
Angela Pleasant - lilbois wife

A sim he had been in love with ..but she had turned into an adult 7 days before he did.. so their love was lost. Anyway, he found Angela and they instantly fell in love again. (I am talking instant, about 7 kisses). So they married and fell pregnant straight away... and they also had twins! But the twins have dreadful eye problems... Lochlans eyes are so small you can only see them from certain angles... and I am yet to even see Mitchells eyes. The tiny eye thing is crazy considering the size of their dads eyes...LOL
Lochlan Horrid

Mitchell Horrid

...and thus ends the Horrid tale...... well until my next instalement.. LOL
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