savvythat (savvythat) wrote in uglysims2,

The Gringott Family

Here they are!  The Gringott family.  Kind of cute, but still 100% ugly!

Marco, the dad.  Birdie, the mom.  And January, the daughter.  January was born with her eyes above her eyebrows.  How mysterious.  People often mistake Birdie for an alien, but she is 100% human, made in the little create a sim.  She works as a team mascot.  Marco has an awsome blonde mullett, and bears resemblance to hulk hogan. 


That's Birdie before I bought her a mirror and gave her a makeover.  she now has hair.  and she got a tan and lost the blue lipstick.


Marco and Birdie after making their 2nd baby, and Birdie ready for work! she is a team mascot.  kangaroo!?!??!


January stargazing.  Eyes above the eyebrows.... interesting.



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